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Physics310: Electronics

As in computer programming, the building blocks of Electronics may be simple, but they can be connected in infinitely different ways to accomplish any variety of tasks.  Electronics fits into our Physics curriculum in three ways: the laws of electricity and magnetism govern electronic components, rigorous and logical problem solving are essential,  and virtually every tool of experimental physics is electronic so if you want to understand it, modify it, or build it, you need to understand Electronics.  Perhaps more than any other course in our curriculum, this one integrates and balances the four essential skill sets for science theoretical, computational, experimental, and communication.  Unlike our other courses, this is focused less on understanding how the world works and more on understanding how to make it work for you.

Lecture: MW/F11 - 12:20 AHoN 116

Instructor: Eric Hill

Lab: W/F 11 - 12:20 Th 1-3:50 AHoN 116


Office Hours:  Thurs. 8:45-10:50 (check my schedule for other times)

Office: AHoN 127

Text: Principles of Electronic Instruments, Diefenderfer/Holon

Phone: ext. 8659

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