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IDS-366: Proudian Natural Science Seminar: Power & Society

This course addresses a topic that affects us all, regardless of our main intellectual focus.  In physics "Power” is the rate at which work is done and energy is transported or transformed.  But work often has unintended consequences, and most energy sources are “recharging” much more slowly than modern societies are draining them.  So both the rise and demise of a modern society depends upon its Power.  In this class we'll explore the physics behind our society's power systems, past, present, and possible.  Along the way, we'll look at the social and environmental consequences of our unprecedented power. 


MTThF, 9:00 – 11:50; HoL 200, AHoN 117

Instructor: Eric Hill

Office Hours: Wed & Fri 1:30 – 3:00


Texts: Energy and the Environment, 2nd Ed Kraushaar & Ristinen; Energy at the Crossroads, Smil

Office: Appleton 127

Phone: Ext.  2939


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