CS222 Web Programming Assignment 0

Trish Cornez

Part I: Perform download/installations. Verify they work correctly.

  1. Download and install a text editor, such as Atom (https://atom.io/), Sublime, or Aptana.
  2. Download the latest version of Google Chrome. Web pages developed during the course will rely on Chrome's Developer Tools.
  3. Acquire a paid account (it can be very basic) from a web host, such as www.godaddy.com. Activate your account and email me a link to your site.

Part II:

  1. Construct an assignment web page containing your name. Name this page index.html
  2. Add links for assignments 1 through 12
  3. Upload this web page to your server.
  4. Delete the current default page on your server.
  5. Verify the page works correctly. It is important that you verify that your web account works correctly. Call your host if you encounter a problem.