CS220 Working with MASM

  1. Make sure that the proper link libraries are on your hard drive - The folder c:/Irvine should exist on your harddrive and contains 64 files.
    If it does not exist, then download it now. NOTE: Do not alter the path.
    This is a self-extracting archive file that automatically extracts to the c:/Irvine folder.

  2. Start Visual Studio or Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition.

    • For a your assembly language projects, use as a starting template for your own programs.
    • Download the following 32-bit sample template: CS220Project_Sample.zip
    • Extract/unzip everything from this zip folder. (Right-click and choose extract all
    • The easiest way to create your projects is to copy the entire CS220Project_Sample unzipped folder to your USB drive.


      Download the following 16-bit template: 16-bit.asm. Save it to the Irvine folder on the C drive.

    To open the sample template:
  3. Select Open and select Project/Solution.
  4. Navigate to the CS220Project_Sample folder and open the Project_sample folder. Inside you will find the file named Project.sin. Open this project file.
  5. In the Solution Explorer window, click the + symbol next to the item named Project to expand it. Double-click the file named main.asm to open it in the editing window.
  6. Use this template as a starting template to write your own programs.

    To run the sample program:
  7. Compile/assemble the program by selecting Build Solution from the Build menu.
  8. Execute by selecting Start without Debugging from the Debug menu.