Department of Physics

Physics 3/491: Jr/Sr Seminar


There’s more to using your physics education than simply ‘doing’ physics. This pair of seminars aims to help you with some of the other pieces.  For the Juniors, there’s thinking about where you want to go with your Physics degree, choosing and applying for a summer experience that will help you get there, deciding what research to do for your thesis, and even starting to think about the Physics GRE.  For the Seniors, there’s writing your Thesis and presenting your work.  A common skill for much of this is ‘communicating scientific ideas’, which is both challenging and essential for any future that draws on your physics education.  Thus it is one of the emphases of our Physics Program, along with developing your theoretical, computational, and experimental skills.


Time: 11:00 -12:20 pm, MWF

Instructor: Eric Hill

Location:  Appleton 101 (102 and 131 as well)


Office Hours: TBA (check my schedule for other times)

Office: Appleton 127

Text: The Craft of Scientific Writing, 3rd ed.  M. Alley

Phone: Ext.  8659

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