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Physics 233: General Physics III

Physics 233 is the final course in a three-semester, calculus-based, introductory-physics sequence.  This sequence explores the nature of matter and its interactions and lays the foundation for the advanced study of physics.  The two previous courses focused on Mechanics and the Electromagnetic interaction.  This course explores the laws that govern the very small - Quantum Mechanics and the very many - Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics as well as the applied branch of Electricity & Magnetism known as Optics.  Along the way, we’ll take the opportunity to explicitly develop your experimental skills.

Lecture: TTh, 9:30 – 10:50, Appleton 102

Instructor: Eric Hill

Lab: T 1- 3:50 p.m. Appleton 101/102


Office Hours: W 4:00-4:00; Th 1:30-3:00

Office: Appleton 127

Text: Six Ideas That Shaped Physics: Units Q and T, 2nd Ed, Moore , “Unit O” by DeYoung, and Lab Reference Manual by Moore and Zook

Phone: Ext.  8659

Credits:  In its current form, this course has been previously taught by Alan DeWeerd and Julie Rathbun; aside from the wealth of resources provided by Thomas Moore (author of the texts), many of the course materials were developed by them.


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