Department of Physics

Physics 232: General Physics II


Physics 232 is the second course in a three-semester, calculus-based, introductory-physics sequence.  This sequence explores the nature of matter and its interactions:  Mechanics (Phys. 231), Electricity and Magnetism (Phys. 232), and Wave Phenomena, Thermodynamics, and Quantum Mechanics (Phys. 233).  Throughout this sequence, you will engage in the physics program – applying just a hand-full of fundamental principles to model the behavior of diverse systems.  Those of you who’ve taken 231 will be familiar with the emphasis of understanding over technical tricks, though you should find this semester on E & M conceptually and technically ‘rich.’


Lecture: MWF 11 - 12:20, Appleton 101

Instructor: Eric Hill

Lab: Th 9:30-12:20 or 1 - 3:50 p.m. Appleton 101


Office Hours: TBA (if these don't work for you, check my complete schedule for other times I'm free)

Office: Appleton 127

Text: Matter & Interactions II 4th Ed, Chabay & Sherwood. Errata

Phone: Ext.  8659

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