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Physics 220: Fundamentals

Physics 220 & 221 provide an algebra-based introduction to classical physics. The first semester will cover Kinematics, Dynamics, Rotational Systems, and Thermodynamics. Both courses stress problem-solving skills and the roll of physical phenomena in biological, environmental, and chemical systems. The sequence should enhance your studies in these areas and prepare you for the physics portion of the MCAT.

Lecture: MWF (Sec.1)9:30 - 10:50 a.m. (Sec.2)11 - 12:20, Duke 102

Instructor: Larry Harvill, Emeritus Prof.  of Engineering & Director of Science Center

Office: Hentschke 103B


Office Hours: TBA

Phone: Ext.  3112, 3110 (secretary)
Home: 793-6761

Text: Physics 6th Ed., Cutnell & Johnson

The lab section of Physics 220 augments the other course components by giving you a hands-on experience with the concepts and phenomena treated in the course, and by focusing on problem solving skills.

Lab: M(Sec.1) & Th(Sec.4) 1- 3:50; Hornby 2

Instructor: Eric Hill

Office: Duke 106

 Phone ext. 2939


Lab: T(Sec.2)  1- 3:50; Hornby 2

Instructor: Julie Rathbun

Office: Duke 111

 Phone ext. 2927


Lab: W(Sec.3)  1- 3:50; Hornby 2

Instructor: Alan DeWeerd

Office: Duke 112

 Phone ext. 2934


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